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For dear reader, this is not your average site!

Welcome to the strange, fantastic world of NOplays!

What is NOplays? What do you do?  

NOplays is a New England based theatre group whose mission is to support and produce works from under represented voices in the American theatre, with a special interest in emerging female writers. We want the wild, fun, epic, and imaginative stories told by these writers to be heard! We are interested in collaborating with like-minded organizations and individuals in order to achieve this goal.

In 2016, we had a successful first full season, with three different productions around New England and New York. With help and support from our allies at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge and 13th Street Repertory Theatre in NYC, we collectively produced over 30 new works written by emerging female writers, and supported dozens of female performers, directors, and graphic artists.

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Our 2018 season is jam packed with new plays! HERSTORY returns for it’s third consecutive year. (March 9th and 10th at The Institute Library in New Haven. To reserve your space, click here.) Plus, play readings, our monthly LADIES FIRST newsletter, and some exciting new projects on our revamped youtube channel.


And this, dear reader, is our website. Welcome!

Now go explore! Read our blog post to see what we’ve been cooking up. Join the conversation. Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages. Connect with us, we’d love to work with you.

What else is here? 

Once a month, we publish a newsletter of world premiere plays written by women called LADIES FIRST.

We post interviews with playwrights, and spread the news about what’s happening with women in the arts.

You can also read about the work in my portfolio.

If you would like to read the full version of any of my plays, email me at

All of the contents of this site are copyrighted.



7 thoughts on “BE WARNED

  1. irshgannon says:

    Rethink the “young” writer part of your mission statement, there are three acts in life, and its important to have a dynamic sense of all of them and honor them. I am glad to see you are celebrating women in the theater.

  2. dawn klarman says:

    Yes I’m interested in tickets for Her Story where can they be purchased or do we buy them at the door

  3. Margaux Hayes says:

    I am interested in submitting a piece.
    How do I proceed.

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