The Playwright


My name is Natalie Osborne. I’m a theatre-maker, anthropologist, and occasionally a visual artist, and I like to tell weird stories. I’ve been creating stories my entire life, which I’m sure doesn’t make me unique or distinguish me from my other fellow human beings. I started turning those stories into plays about eight years ago, and have been hooked on playwriting ever since.

For now, one of the main focuses in my work is creating heroic female characters and queer-friendly, feminist fairytales. Of course, this goal has lead to a million lines of inquiry, including, what the heck is a heroine anyway? Or heroism? Or, dare I say it feminism? The pieces in my portfolio are not conclusions, but rather explorations, works in progress which allow me to examine the thoughts that keep me up at night.

Which, I think will go rather nicely along my new line of inquiry; what is theatre? What is a performance? How can we study the culture of a performance and is it possible to use that research as performance material itself? I have no idea. I’m excited to find out. So come explore with me.

To see more of what I do, click here

If you’re interested in reading my work, visit me on the HowlRound New Play Exchange.

The photo above was taken my good friend Celene Barrera, who is an amazing photographer.

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