In Her Name

In Her Name: A Weekend of Women’s Stories

NOplays was the associate producer for an exciting weekend of theatre at 13th Street Rep in Downtown Manhattan.


The weekend took place April 15th-17th 2016, and included an event honoring the 100th year of Founding Artistic Director Edith O’Hara of the 13th Street Rep The weekend featured artists Dael Orlandersmith, Leah Friedman, Shola Cole, Shellen Lubin, Susan Merson, and over 30 new plays about women, written primarily by women.



The 13th Street Repertory Company, founded in 1972 by Artistic Director Edith O’Hara, provides a place for actors, directors, playwrights and technicians to develop their craft in a caring, nurturing, professional environment. Five to seven shows run weekly, including children’s shows on weekends. TSRC founder, Edith O’Hara, has received commendations for her work at 13th Street Repertory Company from NYC Mayor Bloomberg, NYS Governor Cuomo, and our First Lady Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama.


The weekend was also produced by New York Theatre Intensives and featured plays from the 365 Women a Year Project.

A huge thank you to all the artists involved in the festival for your bold and courageous work!

Plays Featured in In Her Name:

Tales of Pirate Jenny, by Shola Cole
Essie Finkelstein by Leah Friedman
Until the Flood by Dael Orlandersmith
Songs from Between Pretty Places sung by Shellen Lubin, written by by Susan Merson
K.C. Reporting written by Natalie Osborne, directed by Lizzy Bryce
Letters from Lotfia written by Laura Shamas, directed by Lucy Gram
Pre-War written by Jennifer O’Grady, directed by Lucy Gram
Taro and Capa written by D. Lee Miller, directed by Julian Thomas
Arrest written by Glenda Frank, directed by Marcina Zaccaria
Refugees written by Stephanie Satie, directed by Shellen Lubin
Madame written by Kendra Augustin, directed by Kristy Chambreli
Making Frankenstein written by Natalie Osborne, directed by Kimberly Loren Eaton
White Cotton written by Shellen Lubin, directed by Kimberly Loren Eaton
Mrs. Stern Wanders the Prussian State Library written by Jenny Lyn Bader,directed by Kimberly Loren Eaton
Celia Buys a Dress written by Yani Perez, directed by Joan Kane
A Moment of Silence written by Allie Costa, directed by Abigail Barr
Virginia Louise Conklin written by Carolyn Mignini, directed by Susan Merson
Undercover: The Mary Shanley Story written by Rachel McPhee and Robert K. Benson, directed by Steve Kaliski
After the Thin Man written by Shellen Lubin
Blood Sisters written by Robin Rice, directed by Lori Kee
Pillow of Tears written by Lynda Crawford, directed by Shellen Lubin
Peola’s Passing written by Cynthia G. Robinson, directed by Melody Brooks
Blood Ties written by Michael Angel Johnson, directed by Mary Hodges
In the Evening written by Susan Merson, directed by Elizabeth Hess
Mama Bett written by Elsa Rael, directed by Shellen Lubin
Scrutable written by Karen Rousso, directed by Katrin Hilbe
Madame Red written by T.D. Mitchell, directed by Nina Zoie Lam
Expression of Regret written by Christine Toy Johnson, directed by Nina Zoie Lam

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