LADIES FIRST is a list of new productions, workshops, readings, and publications by female playwrights. Our goal is to create greater gender parity in theatre by highlighting the works of female writers and the organizations that promote and produce their works.


Fringe Femmes


LA FPI is a proud to again partner with the Hollywood Fringe, promoting women writers and awarding “FPI’s Most Wanted” status to the venues that supported them.

Los Angeles, California, through the month of June.

Tickets and schedule of plays here:

Don’t Shoot the Messenger Pigeon by Allie Costa

Produced by Three Penny Theater in Sacramento, California as part of Resurrection Theatre’s Save Our Shorts play festival.


Don’t Shoot the Messenger Pigeon is a dark comedy about what it takes to be a true professional. Directed by Aerin Morneau, featuring Mallory Brodeur as Brooke and Justin Kortuem as the Messenger.

Running June 9th- June 19th. Tickets available here:

Pit Stop; Amelia, Still; Sleepwalker; Back There by Allie Costa

Produced by Gi60 2016


Pit Stop and Amelia, Still, will be performed June 9th through June 11th at the New Workshop Theatre in Brooklyn.

Sleepwalker and Back There will be performed Friday, June 10th at 8 PM at the Tantrum Theatre and Saturday, June 11th at 2 PM at the New Workshop Theatre.

For a complete schedule, click here:

To submit to the July issue of LADIES FIRST, email before the end of the month. Send us your name, the name of your play, the name of the theatre producing your work, a sentence or two about the play, the where and when, and an image. Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s LADIES FIRST newsletter.

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