Ladies First October 2018

Making Frankenstein


The #MeToo Play

A tribute to the heroes who speak out, the survivors who can’t. The
#metoo plays will be produced Off-Broadway October 24th through
November 5th. Tickets + location details available soon.

Selected plays:
A Criminal Report by Mercedes Segesvary
​Can You Hear Me Now by Nicole Amsler
​Crush by Sarah Elizabeth Grace
​Elevator Repair by Steve Apostolina
​Family Planning by John Minigan
​He Said, He Said by Judy Dodd
​Hometown Premier by Carol Hollenbeck
​Normal by Christine Foster
​Some Boys by Daniel Capalbo, Jr.
​The Bedroom Summit by Scott C. Sickles
​The Proceedings by Thomas J. Misuraca
​Tip by Frank Tangredi
​Two Girls by Allie Costa
​When Guys Talk by Angela Cerrito
​Wounded Warrior by Jeffrey Strausser

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