Coronavirus Update

Dear Friends and Supporters of NOplays,

You may have noticed the unusual amount of silence coming from this blog, especially this time of year when we are normally in the mist of our annual HERSTORY Festival of new works by emerging female writers. After much careful thinking, I had decided to take a step away from NOplays for this year to focus on other projects. This decision did not come lightly, as NOplays has been a major part of my life for the past five years.

For better or worse, life had other plans. Like so many of you my livelihood was upended by the recent coronavirus outbreak. So I’m taking a step back into NOplays to help the community in whatever way I can and to continue using this platform to promote underrepresented artists, which we need now more than ever! NOplays will be creating theatrical experiences again, this time online. We’ll be doing our first virtual reading this Friday at 7pm, you’ll be able to find the link to the live-stream here.


For promoting your work online:

The Stay at Home Festival has a calendar of events you can submit to.

The Social Distancing Festival is also taking submissions.

For financial aid:

Here’s a great list of resources posted by WomenArts.

New York Foundation for the Arts also has a list of emergency grants NOT JUST FOR NYC RESIDENTS.

Ko-Fi is similar to Patreon, but it’s free, you can sign up and leave a virtual tip jar with all of the art you post online.

Take care of yourselves. Stay safe. Wash your hands. Feel free to reach out if you need anything at all. Know that you are not alone.


Natalie Osborne


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