Belarusian Dream- The Theaters

This article contains a list of all the theaters participating in the Belarusian Dream Project on Belarusian Freedom Day, March 25th,  2o14.  Check out all the amazing plays these different groups are performing!

Belarusian Free Theatre

This is a great article on the Belarusian Free Theatre!

Belarus is described by many activists as “The last dictatorship in Europe”

Inspired by the Belarusian Free Theatre, several theatre organizations have band together and organized an international theatre festival called Belarusian Dream. Several plays about Belarus written by playwrights from around the world will be performed on March 25th, the “unofficial” holiday know as Belarusian Freedom Day. The theatre organizations putting up the plays range from professional to college, and can be found across the globe. Bennington College will be putting up four of these plays on March 25th, as well as other performances throughout the term. Stay tuned for more on Belarusian Dream, The Belarusian Free Theatre, and Bennington College’s productions of the plays.