Stories from the Gurukalam

Tonight, I will be performing Stories from the Gurukalam, a 15 minute solo piece about Kattaikkuttu performers. I’m very excited to present this play, which is an accumulation of my work at Bennington in both theatre and anthropology. The piece will be performed as part of the Solo Performance Class showings, starting at 7 in Margot Tenney theatre at Bennington College. I also wanted to take this opportunity to give a thank you to everyone who has made this work possible, my friends and mentors at the Kattaikkuttu Gurukalam, the faculty in both the drama and anthropology departments, and my fellow performers in the Solo Performance class. I’ve very excited to be presenting this work as my last performance at Bennington College.

Reflection Video

This is a short documentary I made reflecting on my brief time at The Kattaikkuttu Gurukalam. I miss you all so much and I hope you enjoy the video!

If you missed out…..

The link to the live-streaming of the March 1st Event in Chennai by Kattaikkuttu Gurukalam, featuring a performance of Pakadai Tukil by the Gurukalam’s Apprentices, will still be active for the next two months. This is a great opportunity to see some amazing contemporary Tamil Nadu theatre!

Congratulations to all the performers for putting on such an amazing show!

Tonight’s the Night!!

Or early morning, depending on your hemisphere. Kattaikkuttu: A Night of Tamil Theatre, is March 1st at 6pm at The Music Academy Mini-Hall, Chennai. Featuring a performance of Pakadai Tukil by the school’s apprentices. If you’re in Chennai and want to see the show, email

The show will be live-streamed internationally, starting tomorrow at 7:30am US East Coast time. Here’s the link to the event:

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll be seeing:

Trust me when I say this is the one time you’re going to want to get up early on a Saturday!

The Last Shoot


Back at Bennington and missing Kattaikkuttu Gurukalam already! My second to last night was spend shooting one last video. Above is a photo of us on set. On the left is the brilliant Kattaikkuttu actress Tamilarasi dressed as one of her favorite characters. On the right is the the incredible drummer Selva dressed as Harry Potter. I’m the one in the middle, who’s not dressed in a costume for once in her life (ironically). Click the link below to see our movie, and see more awesome videos of Tamila performing on her Youtube!

The Video

Kattaikkuttu Gurukalam


I’ve spent the past six weeks working as a costume designer/ video documentarian for Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam Theatre School and Kattaikkuttu Young Professionals Theatre Company in Tamil Nadu India. So sad my internship is coming to an end when it feels like it’s just begun! See the links below to watch some cool videos of the rehearsals for the March 1st performance of Pakadai Tukil in Chennai, then book your tickets, or tune in to the live-streaming. The videos were created by yours truly!

Pakadai Tukil Rehearsal Part One

Pakadai Tukil Rehearsal Part Two