The Seven Ravens

2014-07-31 12.05.05

Set in an ancient kingdom where magic runs wild, Louise, a head-strong and adventurous ten-year-old embarks on a journey to save her long-lost brothers. Louise discovers that an enchanter transformed her seven older brothers into ravens. Feeling betrayed by her parents, who kept the truth about their family a secret from her, as well as an obligation to her lost siblings, Louise runs away from home. She’s joined by her best friend Silex, a humorous (though sometimes mischievous) talking snake. The two travel to the mythical lands of the Moon, the Sun and Stars. Along the way, their friendship is put to the test as they discover more secrets, even secrets they’ve kept from each other.

Adapted from the classic Grimm Fairytale of the same name.

Run time: 80 minutes.

Cast: 10.

An excerpt of The Seven Ravens was read at Classic Theatre of Harlem as part of their Playwright’s Playground Series, Winter 2013.

A full reading of the play was held at Bennington College, Fall 2012, and Fall 2014.


Want to read the full version? Email me at

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