Announcing the Cast of 365 Women a Year at Bennington!

NOplays is very excited to announce the cast for the 365 Women a Year Festival at Bennington College!

Making Frankenstein, written and directed by Natalie Osborne

Mary Shelley – Sarah Jack

Percy Shelley/Frankenstein – Marshall McGraw

Clare Shelley – Maia Villa

Stage Directions – Celene Barrera

En El Medio, written and directed by Maia Villa

Ria – Ada Guzman

Glo – Joana Santos

Stage Directions – Jessie Berliner

Feelin’ Lonely, written by Catherine Weingarten, directed by Natalie Osborne

Elizabeth – Lauren Cagnetta

John – Jade Pope

Stage Directions – Molly Forgaard

After the Thin Man, written by Shellen Lubin, directed by Maia Villa

Stella Adler – Singer Moora

Sylvia Gassel – Victoria Nation

Stage Directions – Molly Kirschner

Unfortunately, the play White Cotton is no longer a part of the festival, but we are very excited about our four plays and our fantastic cast! The performance will take place on March 27th at 7:40pm in the Bennington College Student Center. The performance will also be livestreamed on HowlRoundTV, starting at 8pm EST.

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