The Cross Roads of Gender Parity


That’s the amount of female playwrights who are produced each year according to American Theatre Magazine. Broken down, the numbers are 14% for white American women, 3.4% for American women of color, 2.4% for white foreign women, and .4% for foreign women of color. The numbers are going up, but there’s still work to be done.

In this historic time for women in theatre, NOplays is proud to announce LADIES FIRST!

LADIES FIRST is a monthly newsletter of world premiere productions and readings of plays by female authors.

The goals of LADIES FIRST are to:

Promote woman writers and the theaters that produce their works.

Create a wider network of female playwrights.

Provide a platform for producers, artistic directors, and other theatre-makers to find new works by female authors.

The first LADIES FIRST newsletter will be published this November on the NOplays blog.

What we want from YOU:

Your name, the name of your play, 1-2 sentences about your play, the name of the theatre putting your play up, the where and when, and an image of some sort.

Email the info before November 1st to to be considered for the November newsletter. Only productions and readings happening in November will be a part of the November newsletter.

We’re at 24/76, but we won’t stop until we reach 50/50!

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