See You Later Athena

As rehearsals for HARM’S WAY are gearing up in Denver, I’m getting cozy in Vermont, preparing for NOplays’ first production in collaboration with 365 Women a Year. This March is going to be an amazing month for women in theatre; from the 2015 Athena Project Festival in Colorado, to 365 Women a Year in Vermont and around the world.

No matter where you are, make sure you see some of the incredible new works by female artists!

Thank you Athena Project for an amazing seven weeks, and here’s to future collaboration between us!










The Athena Project Festival

Where in the world is Natalie Osborne? She’s in the Mile High City (Denver, Colorado) working with the fantastic group of ladies at the Athena Project! If you don’t know about the Athena Project, YOU SHOULD! Their mission is to embrace, encourage, and empower female artist across the disciplines. Including; dance, music, visual arts, and of course, theatre. I’ve had an amazing few weeks working with The Athena Project, helping them to prepare for their third annual arts festival in March, and I can’t believe my time here is already coming to an end! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see the festival, but if any of you are around Denver, attend one of their many amazing events. And for you female playwrights, here’s a great place to submit to!

Read more about the Athena Project here!

And check out their website: