LADIES FIRST is a list of new productions, workshops, readings, and publications by female playwrights. Our goal is to create greater gender parity in theatre by highlighting the works of female writers and the organizations that promote and produce their works.


365 Women a Year Festival at Rover Dramawerks 

April 6th through April 15th in Plano, Texas.

This year’s lineup includes:
The Anesthetic Was Psalms by Nancy Gall-Clayton
Julia Tuttle: The Mother of Miami by Marj O’Neill-Butler
The Deaths of Anna May Wong by Anne V. McGravie
Return to Sender: The Minnie Cox Story by Rita Anderson
Linda by Diana Burbano
Herstorical Pen-Pals by Caroline Turner Cole
Curtain Rods by J Sanders Nelson
No Limits by Carol M. Rice
Little Swan, a Pas de Deux by Allie Costa
The Mysterious Affair at the Christies by Jennifer O’Grady
Joan by Susan Shafer
Hitler’s Whore by Jim Colgan

Check out the full lineup with cast list and additional details:


She Has Seen the Wolf by Allie Costa

Produced by Lake Sumter State College

Lake Sumter State College in Florida will host a short play festival April 6th through 9th, directed by Amber Karlins. 32 short plays were selected for this event, including She Has Seen the Wolf by Allie Costa, a dark, modern-day retelling of Little Red Riding Hood that addresses street harassment and assault.

Urban Legends Festival

Produced by Urban Theatre Movement

April 27th through May 14th at studio/stage in Los Angeles.

The short plays featured include :
The Hummingbirds Punch the Clock by Beau McCoy, directed by Amaka Izuchi
The Dating Pool by Essence Brown, directed by Essence Brown and Emmanuel Plasencia
An Addict Speaks by A.L. Adams, directed by Gisla Stringer
The Pro Tem by Robert Wayne Allsop, directed by Paul Tully
Freddie’s Last Concert, written and directed by Alex Alpharaoh
Scratches by Julian Rubel and Joe Samaniego, directed by Garrett Ward
Don’t Take the Stairs by Zharia O’Neal, directed by Joan Marie Hurwit
Oscar and Rita by Lynn Adrianna, directed by Paul Tully
Cause of the Son by Christopher Gavilanes, directed by Christopher Gavilanes and Gisla Stringer
Two Girls written and directed by Allie Costa
Celest’s Way by Gisla Stringer, directed by Gisla Stringer and Mathew Belnas
Cater written and Directed by James Morosini

More information + tickets:


One Acts and Snacks

Produced by Casa de Beverley

Casa de Beverley will partner up with the Rugby Road Salon once more for its final One Acts and Snacks of season 3! We celebrated women this season and we hope to go out with a bang! April 15th, 2017. Doors open at 6pm.. Please join us for an evening of new works featuring Mona, The Phona Bona by Sue Horowitz, Dragon Riders Visit Vermont by Natalie Osborne, and For All Concerned by M. Amanda Vann. Great art, conversation, and food. IMPORTANT ALLERGY NOTE – Location is also home to a cat. If you know you are sensitive, please take whatever precautions you need to keep yourself comfortable while here. Venue location will be sent to registered attendees 24 hours before the event. Tickets are $10. $15 at the door.

Tickets can be purchased here:

To submit to the May issue of LADIES FIRST, email before the end of the month. Send us your name, the name of your play, the name of the theatre producing your work, a sentence or two about the play, the where and when, and an image. Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s LADIES FIRST newsletter.

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