LADIES FIRST is a list of new productions, workshops, readings, and publications by female playwrights. Our goal is to create greater gender parity in theatre by highlighting the works of female writers and the organizations that promote and produce their works.

Where We Are Now

Produced by The Rabbit Riot Theatre Company.

Runs June 8th through June 10th.

The North-West of Ireland’s first LGBT+ Theatre Festival.  Featured plays by female writers include One by Debbie Weiss, Heartbeats by Danielle Wirsansky, and Who She Could Have Been by Allie Costa.

Check out the full lineup and get tickets:


The Gone in Sixty Seconds Festival (Gi60)

Produced by New Workshop Theatre

June 8th through June 10th.

50 one-minute plays by writers from all around the world have been selected for this annual festival, which will also be livestreamed. Also running that weekend: Gi60 #NextGen, which features 25 additional selections brought to life by young actors between 11 and 16 years old.

Learn more about Gi60:



Everyday Edna Mae by Robin Rice

Produced by Kenny Wae Marshal

Benefitting WIN (Women In Need)Edna Mae struggles to realize her dream despite an imaginary friend who won’t go away, a smothering midwest town, and a controlling husband. She finally finds herself in San Diego and the world begins to open. A hilarious and heartbreaking meditation on the expectations society places on women, the creative process and struggle to make art, friendship, love and letting go.

June 15 @ 7:30 PM; June 20 @ 8:45 PM; June 22 @ 9:30 PM

Anne Frank in the Gaza Strip by Monica Bauer

Presented by Good Works Productions

Benefitting Women for Women International or American for Peace Now. Playwright Monica Bauer’s parable puts us in a world
where Trump-supporters are the ruling majority and calls every tune. What will they think of a production of the Diary of Anne
Frank with the title character played by a Muslim?? This is political satire with an open heart. Production directed by Shaun
Peknic (Assoc. Director, ONCE, on Broadway); and featuring Andrew Dahreddine, David M. Farrington, Aizzah Fatima, Bruce Jones,
John Fico, Becca Lish, Lauren D. Salvo.

June 24 @ 3:45 PM; June 25 @ 4:30 PM; July 2 @ 7:15 PM; July 6 @ 9:00 PM; July 8 @ 9:00 PM;

July 9 @ 1:00 PM

Emerson at Big Mart by Hope Weiner

Co-written by Mike Handelman​

Produced by Adam Chisnall, Mike Handelman and Hope Weiner

Benefitting Planned Parenthood. Directed by Adam Chisnall​. Summer is for Shopping! and Big Mart is proud to announce its opening a summer Pop Up right in the midst of this here Theatre Festivity. We won’t be here for long so RUN! don’t Walk to the greatest superstore the greatest country in the world has to offer. It’s like a Dream the American One.

June 20 @ 9:15 PM; June 24 @ 5:30 PM; June 26 @ 7:00 PM; June 29 @ 9:00 PM; July 2 @ 1:45 PM; July 5 @ 7:00 PM

To submit to the June issue of LADIES FIRST, email before the end of the month. Send us your name, the name of your play, the name of the theatre producing your work, a sentence or two about the play, the where and when, and an image. Thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s LADIES FIRST newsletter.

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