365 Women A Year

Do you like new plays? Do you like historical woman? Do you like plays about historical woman? Then come check out 365 Women A Year to get the scoop on a butt-load of new plays written by a butt-load of fantastic playwrights!!! Including a new play about Mary Shelley titled Making Frankenstein, written by yours truly!


Also, stay tuned for pics from The Seven Ravens reading!

Coming Soon! Legendary/The Four Sisters

Good news for fans of The Seven Ravens and Legacy! A brand new, epic, adventure-packed story is coming from the land of Leben!

This sequel/prequel follows the story of the Guard as they learn to rely on each other and be the heroes Leben needs

Have you ever asked…

What happened to Louise after she rescued her brothers?

How did she and her four daughters become legends in Jake and Ella’s world?

How did Finch, Snow, Tom, Briar, and Red become the first five members of the Guard? Find out soon…