Seven Ravens Pics!

Better late then never! Here are the pictures from the latest reading of the Seven Ravens at Bennington College!

Thank you to my wonderful cast! Hannah Rose, Marshall McGraw, Lecil James, Georgianna Richer, Emma Welch, Maia Villa, Tori Nation, Molly Forgaard, Jessie Berliner, Emma Plotkin, and Belle Clendenen

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The Seven Ravens at Bennington College

The Seven Ravens is having it’s first full reading at Bennington College on Saturday, October 5th at 3:00pm in D207, Vapa. Come see the story of a young girl who goes on an epic quest to find her lost siblings!

Coming Soon! Legendary/The Four Sisters

Good news for fans of The Seven Ravens and Legacy! A brand new, epic, adventure-packed story is coming from the land of Leben!

This sequel/prequel follows the story of the Guard as they learn to rely on each other and be the heroes Leben needs

Have you ever asked…

What happened to Louise after she rescued her brothers?

How did she and her four daughters become legends in Jake and Ella’s world?

How did Finch, Snow, Tom, Briar, and Red become the first five members of the Guard? Find out soon…

Enchanters, Zombies, Space Travel, a Flying Chipmuck Sandwhich, and More!

Check out the exciting new pages for The Fall of People, The Seven Ravens, Legacy, and Night of the Living!

And heads up for new stories, coming soon!