365 Women a Year Live Stream

In celebration of World Play Day, 365 Women a Year will be live-streaming their plays on Friday, March 27th, 2015! From New York City, to Barcelona, Spain, to Bennington, Vermont, its sure to be an amazing day full of epic theatre and fantastic females!

Including an original new play by yours truly!

Stay tuned for more info on the live-streaming and on 365 Woman a Year readings in your area

SELMA ’65 at La MaMa

Check out this awesome lady! I worked with Catherine Filloux, playwright extrordinaire, a few year back as a personal assistant/dramaturge. This was one of the projects she was working on at the time. The play follows the story of Viola Liuzzo and the Selma Voting March. If your in New York, GO SEE THIS PLAY!!


Sonnet #11

If you missed out on Bennington College’s production of The Vagina Monologues, this is the piece I wrote which was part of the student monologue showcase:

Sonnet #11- Full Moon Song

(MILDRED enters the stage. MILDRED is very nerdy, wearing far too many scarves, and glasses that are waaay too big for her face. The effect is that her eyeballs seem to resemble those of a flying squirrel. She is also repressing some sort of cold, with little success.)


Hi everyone, my name is Mildred; I’m going to read this vagina monologue that I wrote. It’s not really a vagina monologue though, because no one interviewed me about my vagina. But, it’s about an important vagina-related subject that hasn’t been talked about yet, I don’t think. So I wrote this sonnet about that. It’s also a sonnet, not a monologue. I hope that’s ok. Yeah, I…um, I wrote this sonnet. I’m gonna read it now.

(MILDRED sprays some medicine into her nose; she gives the appearance of starting, but then….)

Oh wait! My name is Mildred, incase I forgot to tell you that, that’s my name. I’m Mildred, hi.

(MILDRED takes a deep breath and reads with the sudden and unexplainable swag of an experienced beat-poet)

Surprise! I’m early! Sorry I forgot to call


said the Swim Team Captain to the Swim Team Coach as she left the Swim Team swimming in the Swimming Pool

Then she went home and tried to beat-up her vagina,

but aspirins make good boxing gloves only some of the times

bloody, bloody, bloody, bloody, bloody underwear

Eeew! That’s gross!

Shhhhhh! You’re not supposed to talk about that!

Only fucking and emotions and fucking and food and God and fucking and fair youths and fucking and fucking and fucking and sex

Nobody writes about my Bloody underwear!

Blackness. Nothing. No thing. Disgusting!

Period Sonnets should be a thing (a thing?)

SHHHHHH! You aren’t supposed to talk about that

Nobody talks about that

The Vagina Monologues

Today at 7pm in the down cafe, Drama Collective, GSMA, and SWAG are doing a production of The Vagina Monologues! Come see the show, followed by student written vagina monologues, including one by yours truly!

To all the actors, directors, tech, writers, and others involved, way to kick butt at the two o’clock performance!!! You guys rocked it out! Thank you for bringing my piece to life!

If you missed out…..

The link to the live-streaming of the March 1st Event in Chennai by Kattaikkuttu Gurukalam, featuring a performance of Pakadai Tukil by the Gurukalam’s Apprentices, will still be active for the next two months. This is a great opportunity to see some amazing contemporary Tamil Nadu theatre!


Congratulations to all the performers for putting on such an amazing show!

Tonight’s the Night!!

Or early morning, depending on your hemisphere. Kattaikkuttu: A Night of Tamil Theatre, is March 1st at 6pm at The Music Academy Mini-Hall, Chennai. Featuring a performance of Pakadai Tukil by the school’s apprentices. If you’re in Chennai and want to see the show, email kuttu.reservations@gmail.com.

The show will be live-streamed internationally, starting tomorrow at 7:30am US East Coast time. Here’s the link to the event:  http://www.chennaistream.net/kattaikkuttu/index.php

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll be seeing:

Trust me when I say this is the one time you’re going to want to get up early on a Saturday!